Weim Crimes Make Life Miserable, Also Hilarious – Here’s Proof

There’s no question that the majority of people like dogs. They’re cute, generally friendly and also known as “man’s best friend.”

But… Weimaraners are notorious for their “weim crimes”.

Broken stuff everywhere? Messes? Expect it if you’re a weimaraner owner (usually). Here are some of the most ridiculous weim crimes we’ve come across recently.

No matter what… we will always love our weimarners!

Weim Crime - In progress!
Weim Crime - Nope... not me!
Weim Crime - That's going to leave a mark!
Weim Crime - Weimaraner got to the toilet paper!
Weim Crime - Weimaraner looking ashamed!
Weim Crime - Weimaraner made a mess... went back to bed.
Weim Crime - Weimaraner ripped up sponge a mattress.
Weim Crime - Weimaraner - Bad Dog!
Weim Crime - I didn't do it!
Weim Crime - It was him!
Weim Crime - Weimaraner eat his toy!