Vintage Tokers: Cold War Bunker Reveals Almost $1 Million Dollars In Weed

Nostalgia is awesome, because it let’s you remember the good old days. It also may be difficult to remember those days when you were stoned out of your gourd on modern day pot.

Such is the case with a recently discovered cold war era bunker that housed about $850,000 worth of marijuana plants in the United Kingdom.

The 400 pot plants were recently located in the bunker, which was initially designed to keep families safe from – you know, the end of the world in the case of a nuclear war.

The ongoing investigation seeks to find out who was using this bunker for the marijuana growing operation. When arrested, we assume the person guilty will initially be given a high five – and then thrown in jail.

Not only was the operation home to the marijuana, authorities say it was not an “amateur operation”. The sprawling bunker was outfitted with professional grow equipment, lighting and more.

All things considered, if the Apocalypse does come, and we are forced to go underground into a sealed vault to survive, we hope it’s this one.

Talk about hot boxing!