Uber Driver Overachiever Award: Drops Off Passengers At Airport… Then Breaks Into Their House

The next time you need to get an Uber, maybe let the driver know that your house has security cameras. Or a rabid dog. Or something to make them think twice about going back to break into your home. Heck, maybe even suggest that the Loch Ness Monster is there and ready to attack.

In San Mateo, California, Uber driver Jackie Gordon Wilson dropped off his passengers at the airport – then quickly made a U-TURN and went back to rob their house.

Is that terrible? Totally. Is it also kind of smart? How can you say no?

At least Wilson was thinking before he decided to break into the house. The only problem? The crook then broke into a second home just a few blocks away that was equipped with a RING doorbell… that recorded the entire break in.

Wilson was arrested shortly after wearing the exact clothes he was recorded in from the security system, so it was pretty easy to tell he was the clown in question. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that he was also surrounded by the stuff he stole.

PRO-TIP: Don’t tell your Uber driver you’re going on a big vacation. Tell him you’ve got a security system and a mythological creature ready to punce.

Lesson learned.