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Three Restaurant Employees Arrested After Spitting In Deputies’ Dinners

Three Restaurant Employees Arrested After Spitting In Deputies' Dinners

Three Okeechobee high school teenagers are under arrest after they were caught on video contaminating the deputies’ dinners.

An anonymous person notified the restaurant owners about the incident. The owner of the restaurant viewed the video footage of the incident, fired the three workers and contacted the Okeechobee City Police Department.

Surveillance footage captured them spitting into food they were preparing for uniformed deputies who stopped for dinner at the Highway 55 Restaurant on April 27.

As a result of their investigation, 16-year-old Molly Spearow and 17-year-olds Alex Armstrong and Logan Pope were arrested and charged with the Florida Anti-Tampering Act – Food, a first-degree felony, and battery on a law enforcement officer, a third-degree felony, according to the sheriff’s department’s press release.

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