Man Charged With Shoplifting Same Walmart Three Times In One Night

Three strikes and you’re out!

Matthew Brown, 34, of Atlanta was accused of robbing a Walmart store three times in one night. He stole $6,000 worth of merchandise.

At 1:30 a.m. on March 22 he entered Walmart and stole some electronic items. Dragging the items to his car he loaded them and drove away.

20 minutes later he helped himself to more electronic items – loaded them in a shopping cart and left without paying. Once more, he loaded the items in his car and drove away.

But was he finished? Nope. He returned to the store a third time and lifted more merchandise without paying for it, officials said.

Some of the items he took included three 50-65-inch TV’s, a drone, an AT&T cellphone, a computer building kit, a flashlight, a Schwinn bicycle, a HP Pavillion Desktop computer, a PS4 racing wheel and a Western Digital 6TB hard drive.

He was charged with first-degree retail fraud, and if convicted faces up to five years in prison.