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Lame Brain Idaho Man Calls In School Bomb Threat – Forgets To Turn Off Caller ID

Who doesn’t like making pranking phone calls?

Who doesn’t like making pranking phone calls? There are the classics: “Hey, your refrigerator is running,” or “Hey, our company is working on the phone lines, please don’t pick up the phone when it rings.”

Of course, prank phone calls are one thing… and then there are the jerks who take it to a whole new level. Taking out all the fun, all the joy and all of the innocence out of a good old fashioned prank phone call.

And if you’re going to do that… if you’re going to be a complete degenerate and call in a bomb threat to an elementary school, wouldn’t you at least take a few seconds to turn off your caller ID?

Not Jacob Moore in Idaho, because he’s not only a complete moron – he was also a fugitive.

Moore was already being scoped out by police and investigators for an unrelated crime, when he decided the best diversion would be to call in the bomb threat to a local elementary school.

Assuming the police would be forced to tend to that mess, he was planning on escaping unnoticed from his home (where police were about to make the arrest).

So how did it work out for the criminal mastermind? As well as could be expected. School officials were able to simply look at the caller ID and let police know it was Moore who called.

Police confirmed the idiot was in fact the person behind the mess and made the arrest without incident.

And by “without incident,” we of course mean, “what kind of scumbag calls in a bomb threat to an elementary school?”

Turning off caller ID is done very easily these days, and anyone who likes making prank phone calls even has technology on their side – (try “SpoofCard“) – though obviously a bomb threat? Don’t even think about it. It never works out well.

Thankfully the school was also combed and there were no problems resulting from the incident.

A friendly reminder: if you’re going to be a goon, at least don’t involve children. Or the word bomb.

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