Knock, Knock – Who’s There? Not Your Doorbell. Doorbell Thieves Emerge In Denver

Looks like thieves in Denver have run out of fun things to steal and shoplift, because now they’re taking doorbells.

Yes, doorbells. This isn’t a knock, knock joke either. If it were, it’d probably not be as funny as the real story, actually.

Denver police are reporting a rash of doorbell thefts in the area, specifically for the RING doorbell. Though it is a pricey addition to your, it’s still seemingly absurd that crooks are deciding to steal these entryway surveillance items.

According to the police, it only takes crooks a matter of seconds to steal the doorbell. Which makes it easier and quicker than the old days when crooks would, you know, actually break into your house.

The most recent theft was recorded by the homeowner, as they watched the heist happen on their RING video stream. Not only is the thief an idiot – he’s a famous idiot now, thanks to the video streaming technology included with the doorbell.

The police noted that owners should report any doorbell thefts within six months of them happening. Which begs the question – why would anyone wait six months to report a crime? Six months seems like plenty of time for the thief to head to another town to take who knows what – doorbells, entry rugs, mailboxes. We’re assuming he’s a small time crook.

If you are the owner of a RING doorbell, best to keep your eye on the merchandise – because it be walking off faster than a thief can say, “say cheese.”