Hook, Line And Sinner – Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty For Neglecting Fish

If you forgot to feed your fish today, it’s probably in your best interest to do it.

North Carolina resident Michael Ray Hinson was charged with animal cruelty for the neglect of his oscar fish and posted $4,000 bond to get out of the mess.

Hinson was moving out of his apartment and left the fish behind. As you could imagine, a fish can’t take care of itself (the lack of hands and feet are kind of a problem), and was found in less than ideal conditions.

Local Attorney Ben David said the oscar fish was in “deplorable” conditions, including a result of something called “hole in the head disease” which can cause a fish to die.

And as if this story couldn’t get any more gross, it is also assumed that the only way the fish survived was by eating cockroaches that fell into the tank.

So, yeah… there’s that.

Though all charges were dropped in the case, it’s safe to say you should probably check on your fish and make sure their happy. If not, it could cost you a few grand and leave you feeling like an aquatic slumlord.