He’ll Have A Number 3 With A Side Of Jail – Mcdonald’s Customer Starts Brawl Over Straw

Long story short, if you’re a crazy homeless man, you’ll probably fit right in over in St. Petersburg, Florida.

A city ordinance requires restaurants to not freely distribute straws, customers must request them. This makes the proliferation of trash straws (which are harmful to oceans and the environment) less readily available.

Simple enough. Want a straw? Just ask, you can have one.

This is apparently way too much for 40 year old man Daniel Taylor. When he found out he had to request a straw, he decided it was in his best interest to assault a female McDonald’s employee.

As you can imagine, it didn’t work out so well.

Typically McDonald’s are reserved for people who want a quick bite to eat – not a few rounds of fists thrown at their face.

The fight was filmed, turned into a viral video and viewed over 4 million times online – oh, and Taylor was arrested.

Insane assault on a female McDonald’s employee over a drinking straw!

So fare warning to all – if you want a straw, just ask. Don’t be a crazy. Deal?

According to McDonald’s, they want to make sure their restaurant is “a safe place” for everyone. We also would like it to be a safe place – because we’re not fighting over straws anytime soon.