Drunk Airline Passenger Booted From Flight For Twerking And Flashing Entire Cabin

One female passenger on a domestic flight caused a commotion after being asked by a flight attendant to turn off her cell phone as the plane prepared for takeoff. The woman, who was said to be “intoxicated and upset,” reacted so poorly that she was asked to leave the flight. However, no one anticipated how her exit would go.

“Record all you f–king want!” the unidentified woman shouts before turning around and exposing her backside, twerking for several seconds and hurling a stream of invective, including racist insults at an older woman.

The passengers on the March 27th flight start laughing at her antics and one of them shouts, “You’re so trashy, I love it!”

The woman does eventually exit the aircraft, and many of the passengers cheer as she leaves.

Drunk airline passenger booted from plane for twerking and flashing.
You’re so trashy!