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Criminals And Weed: A Love Story In 5 Ridiculous News Articles

Drug dealer gets reported to cops... or raising prices!

Drug Dealer Gets Reported to Cops… For Raising Prices, Being Awesome

Who can resist somebody who just wants to make an honest buck? And by “honest buck,” we of course mean “a drug dealer raising his prices on weed.”

A call came into the Australian police from a woman who was outraged that her marijuana dealer had raised his prices. Of course there are a few problems with this… the biggest being SHE REPORTED THAT SHE BUYS DRUGS.

Thankfully the cops realized the absurdity of the case. We’re not sure the outcome of the call, but if they’re cool cops, hopefully they suggested the dealer institute a “Frequent buyer program.” Or at least offer coupons.

New Jersey Man Loves Weed So Much, He Brought It To Court

Who can hate on a guy who is just living his passion? Unfortunately, that passion… is illegal.

A New Jersey man who was arrested for possession of marijuana showed up to court… with even more marijuana in his pockets.

Honestly, when you love something that much, it’s hard to let it go, right? Except when it’s illegal and could also cause you to have even more problems.

As of press time the man was advised by his lawyer to appear at his next court hearing with pants that had no pockets.

If You Love Weed and McDonald’s – Florida Is Your Utopia

A Florida man was cash poor but weed rich recently, and tried to pay for his Big Mac… with a big sack… of weed.

As you can guess, the McDonald’s employee couldn’t accept the trade and reported the man to police who arrested him a short time later.

Reports do not indicate which value meal he ordered. Perhaps the #1 with a Diet Coke, or more likely, the 4:20 with a water.

Hungry? Why Wait – Eat A Handful Of Marijuana Cigars

What would you do if you had a bunch of cigars stuffed to the brim with marijuana and the cops were hot on your trail? You wait to get handcuffed then try to eat them, that’s what you do.

Or at least that’s what a Toledo man did when apprehended by police. The clear benefit of eating so much is that when he became paranoid… and looked around and saw he was in a jail cell, he probably assumed it was just a bad high.

Superhero Elderly Couple Caught With 60 Pounds Of Weed, Claims It Was For Christmas Presents

The award for the “Greatest Grandparents of All Time” will be awarded to an elderly couple in Nebraska who were arrested during a routine traffic stop – for having 60 pounds of weed in their car.

When pressed further, they revealed it would be used for Christmas presents. When you’re giving Christmas presents that awesome, it probably was pretty easy to find a family member to help bail you out.

Also, imagine what Christmas morning must look like for that family? We can only assume the chimney flue was

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