California Crooks Get Bored Of Stealing Valuable Stuff – Start Taking Amazon Ring Doorbells

The question really has to be asked: how low do you have to go to decide that stealing doorbells would be worth it?

Well, that’s just what’s happening in Sacramento, California. The Golden State is quickly becoming The Stolen State thanks to the recent reports of theft. No, it’s not the old fashioned robberies you may remember, people have resorted to taking Amazon RING doorbells.

Amazon RING doorbells are expensive, and take video surveillance of your home entryway. Sometimes that footage shows you somebody trying to take your doorbell. Which is hilarious.

When you live in a town where the crooks have reported to stealing doorbells, you have to wonder, are things really that boring in Sacramento, or have the thieves already stolen all the good stuff? Either way, it’s probably not the most fun place to live.

At least in most towns cool stuff is taken – you know, expensive cars or jewelry, but doorbells? Bizarre.

Thankfully, being video surveillance cameras, the RING cameras show you who is taking your stuff.

A word to the wise – when in California, some thieves are making owning a doorbell, door hell (sorry, we had to).