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7 Of The Weirdest Weapons Used In A Crime

7 Of The Weirdest Weapons Used In A Crime

Almost anything can become a weapon. Just ask a prison warden. That being said, even prisoners don’t have access to some of these “deadly” firearms. You may think that local taco stand simply serves up delectable meats but think again. It’s holding loads and loads of powerful ammunition.

Here’s a list of 7 of the weirdest things anyone has ever hawked at anyone else:

#1 The Burrito Supreme

Suzanne Hurlvert, 51, and Carl Owen Smith, 65, love them some Spanish food. They also like alcohol. Lot’s of it. When things got heated in the parking lot of their local taco stand, Suzanne decided to launch her Burrito Supreme at Carl like a delicious torpedo. Their parking lot fiesta was soon ended by police, where they arrested Suzanne and Carl ambled away to a bar.

Suzanne Hurlvert, 51, and Carl Owen Smith, 65, love them some Spanish food.
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Behind bars for a domestic dispute.

#2 Under My Umbrella

You think umbrellas aren’t dangerous? They are in James Bond types of situations. A German man died after being stabbed in the back with an umbrella. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the umbrella was actually laced with poison. Mercury. Police are still looking for the attacker.

The case of the poison umbrella.
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After months in a coma, The victim died.

#3 A Leg Up

Although no laughing matter, it is one of the weirdest items to use as a murder weapon. Debra Hewitt, whose nickname was “Angel,” was anything but. She was also quite upset with her boyfriend. So much so, that she decided to remove her prosthetic leg and beat him to death with it. Now, in jail, she is known as the “Angel of Death.” True story.

Weird crime using a prosthetic leg!
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Her second-degree murder conviction carries a life sentence.

#4 Wasn’t Even Hungry

Out of all of the things in the world to cause your death, I bet a loaf of bread is the last thing you would expect. Yet, Reginald Helmsley-Doddingdale perished from that very thing. Found with a massive lump on his head and the bread lying next to him, it was pretty obvious what had occurred. Unfortunately for Reg, his killer has never been found.

Killed with a loaf of bread... is this even possible?
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This cold case remains a mystery.

#5 He Was A Real Heel

Edith Maxwell really liked to party and her dad, Trigg, didn’t like that. So, when he let Edith know she calmly responded by beating her dad to death with her shoe. The trial actually became a national sensation and was referred to as the “Case of the Slipper Slayer.”

The case of the slipper slayer.
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Witnesses also told of how Edith had talked in the past about killing him.

#6 Biscuits N’ Gravy

When life gives you biscuits n’ gravy, you eat it. That’s all Charles Pierce, 91, wanted to do. Sit down to a nice meal. The only problem was that he had just driven his car through the window of the restaurant. Making the best out of a bad situation, he exited the vehicle and had a snack. Although the biscuits weren’t the prime weapon in the crime, they were definitely an accessory.

Man drives car through restaurant window... exits and eats!
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When you’re hungry… you eat!

#7 That’s A Flash

A 49-year-old pizza delivery man was charged with the murder of a 29-year-old woman after he used the lid of her toilet to assault her. Although the woman attempted to use a stun gun, it was no match for the weapon that was her bathroom.

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Unusual choice of weapon…
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