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6 Unlucky Criminals That Met Their Match

It’s ok to be unlucky in life, but if you’re a criminal, it’s almost richly deserved. The universe can force your karma. If something bad or unlucky happens to someone while committing a crime? Well, that’s just nature taking its course.

We all can’t help but laugh when someone does something stupid and receives a karmic spanking. Here are 6 instances in which criminals got exactly what they had coming to them:

#1 That’s Some Good Ash

Drug addicts can be desperate individuals, but none are as desperate as those that snort dead people. Waldo Soroa, Matrix Andaluz, and Jose David Diaz Marrero broke into a house and thought they had scored heaps of cocaine. Turns out it was just an urn that contained the ashes of a woman’s father and her two Great Danes. Ew.

Burglars snort ashes of a man and two dogs after they mistook them for cocaine
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Dumb, dumber and dumbest!

#2 Not That Kind Of Tool

20-year-old Milton J. Hodges decided one day he was going to rob a hardware store. Upon exiting, he took the road less traveled and found himself smack dab in the middle of a nudist resort and spa. Rather than continue to run, Milton spiced up the deal by pulling a knife and stealing a golf cart. When the cops arrived, Milton was easy to spot. He was the only one wearing pants.

Milton Hodges stole a golf cart from nudist colony while clothed
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Milton Hodges stole a golf cart from nudist colony while clothed

#3 Officer Can I See Your ID, Officer?

Every kid likes to play cops and robbers, but they generally grow out of it. Not for one man. 29 year-old Anthony Kenneth Mastrogiovanni wanted to keep the game going. Impersonating an officer, he pulled over an actual cop for “speeding.” The off-duty officer quickly made some calls and Anthony was arrested. Henceforth, he played the “robber” role.

Police impersonator makes mistake of pulling over real off-duty cop
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Police impersonator makes mistake of pulling over real off-duty cop

#4. Not Very Neighborly

Karma is a B. When Craig Aylesworth, 51, was mad at his neighbor, rather than talk to him, he decided a Molotov Cocktail would do the trick. Craig launched the bottle at the top of his neighbor’s trailer in revenge. Unfortunately for Craigy, the wind changed and ended up burning his trailer down instead. The fire also took out several vehicles and some woods. Smooth move, Craig.

#5. That’s Ballsy

23-year-old Zachereya McGrew was mad that someone stole his speakers and he was out to make anyone pay. He found a local teenager in the neighborhood and began to harass him with a handgun. The terrified teen took off in a sprint. Zach fired in his direction, missing both times. While slipping his gun back into his waistband, he accidentally fired off a round into his left man sack. Flinching, he fired another into his left calf. Some people just aren’t made for the “street life.”

#6 Wrong House

Daniel Bryan is also known as “The American Dragon” and he is a WWE wrestler. While walking back to his house after a stroll with his wife, they noticed two people quickly exiting their house with sacks full of their valuables. Bryan gave chase to the two thugs who were absolutely no match for the beast of a man. Locking one thief in a lethal choke hold, he held him until the police arrived. They literally picked the wrong house to rob that day.

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan apprehends burglar with rear naked choke hold
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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan apprehends burglar with rear naked choke hold
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