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5 Criminals That Got Themselves Caught By Using Social Media

Photo of one of the World's Dumbest Criminals

People love talking about themselves on social media – even criminals. And what do criminals do? Crimes…

So, criminals and social media are never a good mix. Especially if they are fresh of their latest jaunt. They simply cannot help but brag to their “audience” about stealing that latest car or the bank they just robbed.

Like a moth to a flame, crooks are attracted to sabotaging their entire existence through a tiny glowing screen. The following are 5 criminals who only got caught by their own keyboards:

#1 Cops Suck

If you are going to mess with a police vehicle (which is a felony), please do not film yourself in the act. You will not think it as funny in your cell. Too bad for 20-year-old Michael Baker who posted a photo on Facebook of himself siphoning gas from a cop car.

Oh yeah, he was also flipping off the camera too. Good one, Mikey. The photo made the rounds through the small town of 2,000 people and you can guess what happened next.

Michael Baker busted for siphoning gas from a cop car.
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Baker spent the night in jail for this stupid crime.

#2 Watch What I Can Do

Never drive drunk. Also, never film yourself live while doing so. Drunk driving 23-year-old Whitney Beall thought it a stellar idea to grab her phone and livestream herself. Slurring her words and swerving in front of an audience, while at the wheel, Whitney was bragging about just how drunk she was. It wasn’t long before someone called the cops on her. The end.

Whitney Beall streams her drunk driving arrest to social media fans.
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Bad idea… very bad!

#3 Who’s Trippin’?

If police are blasting you on their Facebook page, you probably committed a crime. No worries. Just defend your honor in the comment section. No one will know, right? Wrong. 21-year-old Andrew Dale Marcum did just that. When police posted his photo, he retorted “I ain’t tripping half of them don’t even know me.” I bet he’s trippin now.

Andrew Dale is trippin now in jail!
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What a smart cookie! NOT!

#4 Why Yes, I Am Wanted

It’s not a compliment when the police want you. You don’t have a sexy face or body. Here is yet another criminal that thinks when police post about them on Facebook, they have reached celebrity status. Brian Bossio decided he looked pretty dapper in his “Wanted of the Week” picture on the Stuart Police Department’s Facebook page. So, he stole it and began using it as his profile pic. Guess how police found him? Guess…

Wanted of the Week... Brian Bossio isn't so smart after all.
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His name should be Brian the Bonehead Bossio!

#5 Step 1 Bank, Step 2 Youtube

Those two concepts don’t sound like they belong together unless you are shooting a cheesy promo video. No, in fact, if you plan on robbing a bank, you should stay as far away from YouTube as you can. Some people, however, just can’t help themselves.

Like Hannah Sabata. The 19-year-old Nebraskan robbed Cornerstone Bank and then promptly bragged on YouTube how she was going on a shopping spree. Ironically, the “dumb” criminal also mentioned paying off her college tuition. Now she doesn’t have to worry about it. That same video was used to convict her in her trial. I wonder if she gained followers.

Hannah Sabata... dumb criminal of the week!
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Do you agree… dumb criminal of the week?

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