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Dumb Criminal Stuffing Crossbow Down His Pants


This guy, a dumb criminal stuffing crossbow down his pants is Darren Durrant. On February 6, 2022, Mr. Durrant was videotaped stuffing a crossbow down his pants at the True Value store at 2800 US-1, Mims, Florida within Brevard County Florida, Sheriffs department jurisdiction.

Besides the theft being dumb, to begin with, this criminal didn’t even try to zip up his jacket to further conceal the item.

Darren Durrant is now facing his third felony conviction. Do they still have three strikes and you’re out? If so, that’s not good news for this guy, but he is probably better off behind bars for being this dumb.

Deputy Lindo caught Mr. Durrant in the parking lot of a Walgreens not far from the scene of the crime just a couple of days later. Mr. Durrant actually tried to run away from Deputy Lindo, that didn’t work out very well and just got himself an additional charge added to his arrest record.

Mr. Durrant is being held without bond and faces felony charges.

Check out this video caught on camera, two dumb criminals try to rob a gun store.

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