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Caught On Camera: Car Wash Carjacking Fail
Published: July 28, 2016 | | 214 Clicks |
A couple of would-be carjackers are all wet after an encounter at a Shreveport car wash with a man who refused to become a victim.

British Police Seize Moped From Man Driving With Potato Sack
Published: July 28, 2016 | | 153 Clicks |
Eccleshill Ward - Nuisance biker dealt with.

4 Face Charges After Juggalo Concert
Published: July 27, 2016 | | 237 Clicks |
A suspect who allegedly used a loudspeaker to advertise drugs for sale was just one of the arrests to come out of the multiday Gathering of the Juggalos music event.

NYC Bank Burglars Stole $5 Million In Cash, Diamonds
Published: July 27, 2016 | | 217 Clicks |

Bank burglars reminded New York's top police official of a Hollywood movie as they pulled off two nighttime heists, snatching about $5 million in cash, diamonds, jewelry, coins and baseball cards from safe deposit boxes before they were caught, authorities said Tuesday as they announced the arrest of three men.

Man In Walmart Theft Uses Electric Scooter To Escape
Published: July 26, 2016 | | 356 Clicks |
A man using a motorized scooter is being sought by the sheriff's department for stealing items from a southwest side Walmart.

Florida Man Asks For Crack At Pizza Place On Way To Rehab
Published: July 26, 2016 | | 335 Clicks |
A Florida man was arrested last week after police said he was on his way to rehab, but stopped at a pizza restaurant to see if they had any crack on them.

Utica Man Charged In Lake Orion Nail Polish Theft
Published: July 26, 2016 | | 284 Clicks |
More than six months after the theft of a large amount of nail polish from a CVS in Lake Orion, the police have charged a suspect.

2 Florida Paramedics Charged For Taking Selfies With Incapacitated Patients
Published: July 25, 2016 | | 334 Clicks |
Two Florida paramedics are out of jobs and are facing charges after apparently engaging in a "selfie war," taking photos with incapacitated patients.

Bankrupt Fraudster Jailed For Disguising His Mansion As A Shed And Filled It With Antiques And Cannabis
Published: July 24, 2016 | | 406 Clicks |
Acrooked businessman who claimed he was bankrupt has been jailed after he hid a $1.2million mansion full of antiques and cannabis plants - in a giant garden shed.

Crime Writer In Court For Failed Robbery - Just Like In His Book
Published: July 23, 2016 | | 353 Clicks |
Sometimes there's a fine line between truth and fiction.

Portland Police Stop Phone Scam In Progress
Published: July 23, 2016 | | 334 Clicks |
Portland police cut short a phone scam on Wednesday, coming to the rescue of a woman who thought she was paying the IRS with thousands of dollars worth of iTunes gift cards, police said Thursday.

Man Crashes Stolen Car Into Train After Police Chase
Published: July 22, 2016 | | 377 Clicks |
Authorities say a man who stole a vehicle evaded police and crashed the car into a train in Norfolk.

Elderly Woman Beat Off Would-Be Robber With Bacon
Published: July 21, 2016 | | 587 Clicks |
Some are calling it a hambush.

Preteens Use CPR Dummy In Peoria Burglary Attempt
Published: July 21, 2016 | | 430 Clicks |
Five preteens tried to use a CPR dummy to break into a South Peoria convenience store Monday.

Police Body Cam Catches Distracted 'Pokemon Go' Driver Crashing Into Baltimore Police Car
Published: July 21, 2016 | | 434 Clicks |
A Baltimore police body camera caught a distracted "Pokemon Go" driver crashing into a parked police patrol car.

Two Men Injured Jumping Out Of Taxi To Dodge Fare Lose Bid To Sue Taxi Driver
Published: July 20, 2016 | | 487 Clicks |
Two teenagers injured when they jumped from a moving cab in a bid to dodge a $10 fare have had their bid to SUE the taxi driver snubbed by a judge.

Driver Jailed Over 100mph Police Chase After Posting A Map Of His Route On Facebook
Published: July 19, 2016 | | 611 Clicks |
Dozy Connor Lloyd, 20, went on an "extremely dangerous" city centre "race" through Cambridge after police clocked him driving like a maniac just after midnight on January 17 this year.

PA Woman With 5 DUI's Crashes Into Beer Distributor
Published: July 19, 2016 | | 518 Clicks |
Any way you look at this story, the numbers aren't good: There are the five previous times the female suspect, Lynly Broge, 53, of Butler County, Pa., was charged with DUI.

Man Shot At Teens Playing "Pokemon Go"
Published: July 18, 2016 | | 556 Clicks |
Two teens looking for Pokemon were mistaken as thieves looking for a house to rob and ended up getting shot at on Saturday.

"I Just Like Pigs" Man Found Drunk And Naked In A Hog Barn
Published: July 18, 2016 | | 553 Clicks |
Police arrested 64-year-old Larry Henry On June 26th after he was found drunk and naked inside a hog bar on the 100 block of Coffee Street in Millersville.

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