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Police Seek Gun-Toting Suspect Who Robbed Pizza Delivery Man, Offered Slice To Stranger
Published: August 31, 2016 | | 185 Clicks |
Police are looking for a suspect who robbed at gunpoint a pizza delivery man of money, pizza and Mountain Dew.

Vladimir Putin Arrested At Publix
Published: August 31, 2016 | | 149 Clicks |
Vladimir Putin is facing trespassing charges.

Man With "Holla!" Forehead Tattoo Arrested In Fort Lauderdale
Published: August 31, 2016 | | 153 Clicks |
A man with a distinct forehead tattoo was arrested in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday for disorderly conduct.

Rochester Man Tries To Rob Coffee Shop By Police Station
Published: August 30, 2016 | | 318 Clicks |
A man accused of trying to rob a coffee shop in Henrietta was apprehended just outside the store early Thursday, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

"Armed" Robber Using Finger As Weapon Doesn't Fool Gas Station Employees
Published: August 29, 2016 | | 392 Clicks |
The employees at a Coral Springs gas station said a man that was trying to hold them up for money last Monday night was using his finger to pretend he had a gun under his shirt.

Billion-dollar Bond That Man Tried To Cash In Broward Was Fake, Feds Say
Published: August 29, 2016 | | 255 Clicks |
There were plenty of clues that a billion-dollar U.S. bearer bond that a man tried to cash in Fort Lauderdale was just too good to be true, federal authorities say.

Manitoba Man Robs Beer Store In Goalie Gear
Published: August 28, 2016 | | 343 Clicks |
A man from a town near Manitoba robbed a beer store while wearing goalie gear.

Russian Convicted In Masterminding Global Online Theft Ring
Published: August 28, 2016 | | 251 Clicks |
A jury has convicted a Russian man of hacking into U.S. businesses to steal credit card information and orchestrating an international online theft scheme that netted him millions of dollars.

Woman Drops Bugs, Urinates On N.Y. Subway Car
Published: August 27, 2016 | | 352 Clicks |
A woman trying to sell insects on a New York City subway train threw them into the air and began screaming after possibly being punched by a fellow rider, witnesses said.

Video Allegedly Showing Baby Drinking Alcohol Met With Social Media Backlash
Published: August 27, 2016 | | 295 Clicks |
It's a video you have to see to believe adults allegedly giving this baby, alcohol.

Guy Gets Drunk In Ibiza And Makes Most Random $28,500 Purchase Ever
Published: August 26, 2016 | | 436 Clicks |
A DJ partying hard in Ibiza woke up to find he'd bought a $28,500 bus on his phone.

Walmart Cashier Was In On Movie Money Scam
Published: August 26, 2016 | | 351 Clicks |
Investigators say the Walmart cashier who accepted $1,000 in movie prop money was in on the scam.

Police Looking For Beer Thief Dressed As Batman And Captain America
Published: August 26, 2016 | | 374 Clicks |
A man dressed up as a superhero, or a combination of them, instead played the villain on Tuesday, Salamanca Police say.

"What-A-Burglars" Have An Appetite For Crime And Fries
Published: August 25, 2016 | | 408 Clicks |
Edmond police are looking for a pair of suspects with an appetite for crime and a hankering for Whataburger.

Woman Allegedly Drives SUV Through Springfield Safeway
Published: August 25, 2016 | | 374 Clicks |
A disgruntled customer allegedly drove her SUV into the Safeway grocery store on Pioneer Parkway East just after midnight on Wednesday.

Man Tosses $6,000 Worth Of Furniture From Cruise Ship
Published: August 25, 2016 | | 357 Clicks |

Thousands of dollars worth of furniture were dumped from two Delray Yacht Cruise ships into the Intracoastal Waterway early Thursday by a man whom Delray Beach police say climbed aboard after untying the boats.

Burglary Call Leads New York Police To Illegal Bathtub Alligator
Published: August 25, 2016 | | 359 Clicks |
New York police responding to a reported burglary apprehended a different type of suspect - an alligator living in a bathtub.

Three Men Caught In Brooklyn With $1M Worth Of Stolen Barbecued Eels
Published: August 24, 2016 | | 433 Clicks |
Cops set the hook and caught a trio of slippery crooks in Brooklyn on Monday in a million-dollar frozen eel heist.

Man Steals $1,000 Worth Of Newspapers For Coupons
Published: August 24, 2016 | | 428 Clicks |
A Pennsylvania man is accused of stealing nearly $1,000 worth of newspapers for the coupons.

Drunk Man Locked In Storage Room By Wife Gets Head Stuck In Closet When He Tries To Escape
Published: August 24, 2016 | | 408 Clicks |
The man seemed to believe that he could fit through the tiny hole in the door and shoved his entire head through the space leaving him trapped.

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A Starbucks customer stole a tip jar with $25 in it from a drive-through in League City. League City Police Lt. Bruce Whitten said the theft happened just after 3 p.m. Sunday at the Starbucks at 100 E. Main Street.

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Minnesota authorities charged former Twins outfield Kirby Puckett with sexual assault and false imprisonment in October 2002. The 43-year-old Baseball Hall of Famer allegedly pulled a woman into the bathroom of a local restaurant and groped her.

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