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Man Arrested After Drinking Rubbing Alcohol, Waving Sword At Deputies
Published: May 26, 2016 | | 177 Clicks |
Deputies arrested a man who allegedly waved a sword at them after drinking rubbing alcohol.

Maine Police Investigate Thefts, Find Teens Handcuffed Together
Published: May 26, 2016 | | 174 Clicks |
The discovery of two teenagers handcuffed together behind a convenience store helped Lisbon police solve a series of motor vehicle break-ins in a residential neighborhood this month.

Armed Robber Is Jailed After Victim Recognized Him When Facebook Suggested They Should Become Friends
Published: May 25, 2016 | | 330 Clicks |
Armed robber is jailed for 21 years after his victim recognised him when Facebook suggested they should become friends.

Man Charged For Changing Cedar Park Road Sign To "Drive Crazy Y'all"
Published: May 25, 2016 | | 268 Clicks |
A man has been arrested for tampering with an electronic road sign in Cedar Park -- changing the construction ahead warning to say "Drive Crazy Y'all."

Woman Arrested In The Villages After Mixing Zoloft And Coors Light
Published: May 25, 2016 | | 221 Clicks |
A woman was arrested after she was found passed out in a car at about 4 a.m. Saturday at a Circle K in The Villages.

Man High On Nitrous Oxide Defecates In Grocery Store
Published: May 25, 2016 | | 202 Clicks |
Corvallis Police were called to the Downtown Safeway, 450 SW 3rd St. for a report of a male who had defecated in one of the aisles of the store.

Young Woman Stole Squad Car, Drove It 25 Miles, Then Crashed
Published: May 24, 2016 | | 311 Clicks |
An apparently intoxicated young woman stole a University of North Dakota squad car on Sunday, police say, driving it from Grand Forks to Crookston where she was involved in a crash so violent the vehicle's engine broke free.

Man Arrested With Gun, Marijuana And Box Of Squirrels
Published: May 24, 2016 | | 319 Clicks |
A bizarre bust in Chesterfield Township.

Man Charged With Stealing His Mom's TV
Published: May 24, 2016 | | 244 Clicks |
State police at Frackville on Sunday announced charges against a man accused of keeping the crime in the family.

On Saturday night, Anthony Edmonson, 26, of Girardville, Schuylkill County, stole his 72-year-old mother's 42-inch flat-screen TV by smuggling it out of her house hidden in a futon, police said. They said he then sold the device to a neighbor.

Edmonson was charged with theft by unlawful taking and theft by deception, police said.

Baby Sitter Accused Of Robbing Bank To Return Stolen Money
Published: May 23, 2016 | | 329 Clicks |
A Colorado baby sitter is accused of using two children she was watching to help her rob a bank -- a heist allegedly planned to help her pay back money stolen from her employers.

Hard Rock Mugging Suspect Caught After His Car Won't Start
Published: May 23, 2016 | | 276 Clicks |
A Belle Glade man accused of a mugging at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was arrested after his getaway car failed to start and he had to catch a ride from a passer-by, Seminole authorities said.

Mid-Carjacking, Robber Demands Bathroom Break
Published: May 22, 2016 | | 477 Clicks |
A robber pulled a gun on a man in Berkeley, Calif., on Wednesday, then made off with his grandmother's car-but first, he demanded to use the guy's bathroom.

Drunk Prankster Sparked A Massive Terror Alert After Calling 999 And Claiming To Be Jack Bauer From 24 And Saying Two Bombs Had Been Found
Published: May 22, 2016 | | 250 Clicks |
An intoxicated man prompted a huge terror alert just one week after the attacks on Brussels, when he impersonated a police officer and claimed terrorists had planted two bombs at a university.

Burglary Suspect Turns Out To Be Raccoon Hiding Under Plant
Published: May 21, 2016 | | 397 Clicks |
Police officers responding to a burglary call at a property management office in central Florida found an unlikely culprit - a raccoon hiding behind a potted plant.

"I Sell Weed" Ad Posted To Craigslist, Clover Man Arrested
Published: May 21, 2016 | | 373 Clicks |
A Clover man was arrested Wednesday after investigators saw an online ad offering marijuana.

Flasher Knocks On Police Chief's Home
Published: May 20, 2016 | | 495 Clicks |
A northwestern Pennsylvania man is jailed on charges he was drunk and exposing himself while going door-to-door harassing his neighbors - until he knocked on the interim police chief's door.

Man Asks To Use Neighbors Phone, Strips And Steals Her Canes
Published: May 19, 2016 | | 497 Clicks |
A 43-year-old Cleveland man asked to use his 72-year-old neighbor's phone, then stripped naked, sat on her couch and stole two of her walking canes, according to court records.

Prisoner Managed To Swallow A Mobile Phone Whole
Published: May 19, 2016 | | 481 Clicks |
It can be tricky enough to swallow an asprin, but one prisoner managed to gulp down an entire mobile phone.

Man Impersonates Officer To Get Names Of Employees At Hooters
Published: May 18, 2016 | | 504 Clicks |
A man is behind bars after presenting himself as an undercover officer at Hooters.

Student Hacks Into Gilbert School's Email Account
Published: May 18, 2016 | | 410 Clicks |
Authorities are investigating after a student hacked into a valley school's email account and sent inappropriate messages to other students.

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A man expressed worry because his White Boulevard neighbor was outside waving around a sword. Officer Sean Garrison explained to the neighbor he couldn't practice his Ninja skills in his front yard. The man promised to leave the non-sharpened practice swo

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