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Angry Woman Steals Boyfriend's False Teeth, Prescription Drugs
Published: October 06, 2015 | | 51 Clicks |
A woman in Port St. Lucie was arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing her boyfriend's prescription drugs and filing a false police report because he had upset her, police said.

Kuwaiti With Gulf Plates Nabbed For 1,645 Driving Violations
Published: October 06, 2015 | | 43 Clicks |
A Kuwaiti driver who apparently thought having license plates from another Gulf country would help avoid more than 1,600 traffic citations has been hit with a huge fine.

Woman Injected Daughter, Other Teen With Heroin
Published: October 06, 2015 | | 40 Clicks |
A woman injected a pair of teenagers, including her 14-year-old daughter, with heroin, Chester County authorities announced Monday.

Man Stole Truck To Be Jailed To Get Away From His Wife
Published: October 05, 2015 | | 327 Clicks |
Speaking from behind bars, Hayden Vandiver said: "She is having a bad time right now."

Alleged Burglar Becomes Trapped Inside Pomona Cellular Store
Published: October 05, 2015 | | 216 Clicks |
Surveillance video shows a man trapped inside the secure area of a cellular store in Pomona fter allegedly breaking into the establishment on Wednesday.

Man Gets Long Prison Term, Then Gets Married At Courthouse
Published: October 05, 2015 | | 179 Clicks |
A man sentenced to at least 20 years in prison in one Pennsylvania courtroom has followed that up by walking into another courtroom to marry his girlfriend.

Woman Runs Red Light And Almost Causes Crash, Then Dances On Roof Of Car
Published: October 04, 2015 | | 265 Clicks |
After almost colliding with a black saloon in the middle of a busy intersection, a woman in Guangdong for reasons unknown got off her scooter and began dancing on top of the car she very nearly crashed into.

Teen Smashes Coffee Pot On Mom's Head After She's Caught With A Boy
Published: October 04, 2015 | | 8 Clicks |
A Riviera Beach teen got angry when her mother told her not to have any uninvited guests in their home, so the teen smashed a glass coffee pot filled with "steaming hot" coffee on her mother's head, Riviera Beach police say.

KLM Passenger Confuses Plane Door For Toilet At 30,000 Feet
Published: October 03, 2015 | | 0 Clicks |
A passenger aboard a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight apparently mistook the airplane door for the restroom when he was trying to relieve himself mid-flight, authorities said.

West Palm Woman Calls 911 Four Times Because Roommate Was Bothering Her
Published: October 03, 2015 | | 313 Clicks |
A suburban West Palm Beach woman was arrested after repeatedly calling 911 to report her roommate was "bothering her" by turning the light switch on and off, the Sheriff's Office reports.

St. Petersburg Mail Carrier Found With 2,129 Pieces Of Stolen Mail
Published: October 02, 2015 | | 325 Clicks |
Federal agents unearthed 2,129 pieces of first-class mail last year in the home and car of a St. Petersburg postal carrier who now admits in court papers that he stole "countless" parcels and envelopes because he needed money.

Man Of Steal? Cops Say Superman's Shirt Was Suspect's Undoing
Published: October 02, 2015 | | 317 Clicks |
Police in the Philadelphia suburbs say the Man of Steal was undone by his Superman T-shirt.

Man In Underwear Taken Into Custody After Showing Erratic Behavior
Published: October 02, 2015 | | 296 Clicks |
A man is being taken into custody after taking his clothes off at a ticket counter at Richmond International Airport (RIC) Wednesday evening.

Teen Faces Charges After Nearly 100 Guns Stolen From House
Published: October 01, 2015 | | 381 Clicks |
A 19-year-old Hollywood man is jailed and accused of stealing nearly 100 guns from a Pembroke Pines home.

Woman Complains To 911, Shorted In Drug Deal
Published: October 01, 2015 | | 480 Clicks |
A drug deal gone bad turned out even worse for a Fort Myers woman after she decided to complain to 9-1-1 about being shorted.

Philly Police Say Suspect Got Manicure, Robbed Nail Salon
Published: October 01, 2015 | | 317 Clicks |
Police are seeking a robbery suspect with nice nails.

They say a man got a manicure at a nail salon on West Rockland Street in Philadelphia on Sunday and then robbed the place at gunpoint.

Surveillance video shows the suspect grabbing money from one worker and then taking more cash from the register.

No one was injured.

Man Thought He Was Attacked By A Hippopotamus
Published: September 30, 2015 | | 544 Clicks |
A man attacked in downtown Madison Friday night told police he thought he had been assaulted by a hippopotamus.

California Man Turns Tables On Would-Be Package Thief
Published: September 30, 2015 | | 442 Clicks |
A California homeowner who spotted a man taking a package from his porch swiped a purse out of the alleged thief's car and it ws all caught on camera.

Man Steals Drill From Hardware Shop By Stuffing It Down His Trousers
Published: September 29, 2015 | | 509 Clicks |
Oblivious assistants let a shoplifter walk out of a store with a massive drill shoved down his trousers.

Man Accused Of Tossing Liter Of Urine At Officers
Published: September 29, 2015 | | 405 Clicks |
A West Palm Beach man has been arrested for throwing a liter of urine at Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies to evade arrest, authorities said.

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Police spotted a fire crew hooking their hose into a hydrant and filling a private swimming pool with water, authorities said.

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The infamous Tim "the Tool Man" Allen was arrested and charged with drunk driving in May 1997 in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Police say that he nearly fell over and couldn't count during a sobriety test. His sentence included a fine and mandatory counseling. But Allen is no stranger to the law-he was arrested in October 1978 in Detroit, Michigan for his part in a small drug dealing ring, charges for which he received a reduced sentence after "turning state's evidence" and ratting out his colleagues.

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